TUSC East London mayoral candidates pay tribute to Bob Crow

Bob Crow speaking at a TUSC 2012 GLA elections meeting
Bob Crow speaking at a TUSC 2012 GLA elections meeting

Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition mayoral candidates for Newham and Tower Hamlets today paid tribute to RMT general secretary Bob Crow who died this morning.

Lois Austin, TUSC mayoral candidate for Newham said: “I am shocked by the passing of Bob Crow and it is a big loss to the trade union and anti-cuts movement in London and across Britain.

“Bob stood up for things that most people agree with – such as decent living standards for all and renationalisation of the railways.

“Under his leadership the RMT, like the PCS service union I work for, has fought for it members, refusing to bow down to the Tories or wait in hope for a Labour government.

“The forerunner of the RMT, the Society of Railway Servants, founded the Labour Party. But today Labour is just like the Tories. Today, the RMT is helping to build the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition, which was backed by Bob Crow since it was founded in 2010, to get back the political voice for workers.”

Hugo Pierre, TUSC mayoral candidate for Tower Hamlets, said: “Bob Crow stood out because he stood up for working class people – the same reason why the right wing press vilified him.

“The best way to remember Bob Crow is to carry on his work, by being in a trade union, by opposing the austerity agenda, by fighting for working class people to have a decent standard of living.

“He embodied the best fighting spirits of people in this borough. There’s enormous inequality in Tower Hamlets, with Canary Wharf looking over people living in overcrowded and impoverished conditions. We’d do well to follow in Bob’s footsteps by continuing the battle against such inequality.”