Vote TUSC on 22 May

Vote Lois Austin for Mayor of Newham

A workers’ mayor on a worker’s wage
Axe the bedroom tax – Build council houses – Cap rents

Vote for TUSC – the party launched by Bob Crow

The Tories claim they’re an alternative to Labour in Newham – but it is the Tory government that has cuts Newham’s funding by a third. The Labour council may as well be Tory though – as it has more than agreed to carry through the cuts while carrying out the highest number of council home evictions! UKIP are also no alternative – they want to make more cuts than the Tories or Labour! Ukip hates public services as it’s another party headed by profit hungry millionaires.

Newham TUSC says:

Axe The Bedroom Tax! Cap rents not benefits – Build council homes
Private landlords are pushing families into poverty with rip off rents. A cap on private rents and building council housing would offer familes safe and
affordable homes.

Support the Focus E15 Mums – give them council housing in the borough
Newham Council tried to re-house young mothers from Newham in Birmingham. We say give them council housing in the Borough

A minimum wage of £10 an hour across the borough – End zero-hour contracts
Many workers can’t afford to cover the rent, bills and living costs because wages are so low. Pay us enough to live.

A free education for all! Reintroduce EMA – Young people deserve access to free, decent education.
Bringing back EMA will help teenagers from low paid families carry on their Education.

No NHS cuts. No privatisation. Defend NHS jobs.

Newham Candidates
Forest Gate North: Bob Severn, Axe The Bedroom Tax
Forest Gate South: Niall Mulholland, NUJ
Green Street West: Mark Dunne, health worker
Green Street East: Lois Austin, anti-racism and anti-cuts Campaigner
Boleyn: Ben Robinson , Axe The Bedroom Tax
East Ham North: Keerthkan Thennavan, Tamil Solidarity
East Ham Central: Helen Pattison, living wage campaigner
East Ham South: Steve Hedley, RMT Assistant General Secretary